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The Edit Suite

Apart from the fact that I build edit suites (or at least PC-based edit suites), I've been editing video since the early '90s, and my interest in editing goes back to Super 8 film in the '70s.

My current edit suite has both Avid (with SDI Mojo) and Adobe Premiere Pro (with Matrox RTX and Decklink I/O hardware), so I can work with most formats including HDV.


Picture Grading & Audio Dubbing

Martin KayFor me, picture grading and audio dubbing are two of the most satisfying parts of the edit. I think it's because they offer an opportunity to find something extra which wasn't in the original footage. I don't so much mean the occasions where you're simply rescuing a bad location shoot, but where you start with good material and then spend a little time finding ways to make it even better!

With audio, the main process is to even out the levels to avoid unwanted changes which can induce "listener fatigue" (where you keep wanting to adjust the volume control). It's bad enough on TV where you can have the remote control at your fingertips (although it still drives me up the wall on some programmes) but it's definitely a distraction.

I'm also a big fan of keeping as much natural sound as possible, and building layers of subtle effects to create a rich background atmosphere on the soundtrack.

based in Salford, Gtr Manchester, UK


detail from the rack, inc PPM & router

The Final Curtain

At the end of the edit, if we're mastering for broadcast, we put the video through our SDI video "legaliser" and the audio through a delay-line "brick-wall" limiter to keep within the tech requirements.


Opening few minutes of an exhibition video edited Feb '08 for AVS Manchester (using Premiere Pro).
Intended to play on a large plasma display and prompt visitors to talk to the Z+F salesmen.

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...you can talk to Martin Kay on 0161 736 5300