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But first, the "...and finally", a revised version of the pollen-laden bee (see bottom of page), now featuring a musical accompaniment from the wonderful Parry Gripp. Writer of irritatingly catchy jingles and humorous short songs, Parry has a YouTube channel with a very entertaining selection of his work. Recommended viewing!

A promo video I put together in March '09 using footage supplied by the charity Christian Relief Uganda,
 showing where they operate in rural Uganda, providing education and aid to the poorest people.

A taste of Agraman (the human anagram) shot at one of his Buzz Comedy nights
at The Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, on 22nd March '08, and intended for uploading to YouTube

Case Study video on using Kellysearch vs Google for on-line advertising,
edited March '08 for AVS Manchester for G2 Marketing.

Opening few minutes of an exhibition video edited Feb '08 for AVS Manchester (using Premiere Pro).
Intended to play on a large plasma display and prompt visitors to talk to the Z+F salesmen.

harpist Verity Weatherburn & flautist Carla Sousa - Nov '07

flautist Carla Sousa - Nov '07

harpist Verity Weatherburn, Nov '07

flautist Carla Sousa - Nov '07

Stills shoot & lighting at Isis Restaurant featuring harpist Verity Weatherburn & flautist Carla Sousa. Nov '07

BBC MediaCity site - Salford Quays
Work underway at the new BBC/MediaCity site nearby to our office in Salford Quays.

corner of Liverpool Street, Salford - Feb '08

the old Brown Brothers building in Salford - Feb '08

The changing face of Salford.   HDR pictures taken & processed Feb '08

...and finally, a pollen-laden bee cleaning itself whilst hanging by one arm from a Ceanothus flower! Shot in my back garden whilst trying out the 2x converter on the J14x8 lens.

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