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Shooting formats - do I need HD?

There's no doubt that High Definition (HD) is making an impact in all areas of video making, but is it always better than Standard Definition (SD) and does everyone actually need it?

The answer is "No" to both questions. For example, the size and resolution of video on the web is often less than that from SD video, let alone high enough to take advantage of HD.

That said, HD video via the web is now quite possible. Take a look at the video below which I shot on a large-format HD video camera, which takes lenses from  35mm  film cameras. 


Video Production Services

Video is a great medium for putting a message across, but getting that message into a video is a very technical process.

I can take your ideas and craft them into a fully featured video production. I can help develop the script, organise the shooting, generate graphics and undertake the editing.

I have extensive experience of a wide range of television programme genres, and you will get the full benefit of my 20 years with Granada TV. In particular, I have considerable drama experience which is hard to come by outside of the film & TV world.

Whatever type of video content you require, in whatever style, please feel free to phone or call in to discuss it further. Whether it's a simple piece-to-camera or a dramatised training video, I'm sure I can help! 

based in Salford Quays, Gtr Manchester, UK


Delivery Formats

Once upon a time there was one main delivery format for video, and that was on VHS tape, played onto an old-fashioned TV set.

Today, VHS has all but been replaced by DVD  (and BluRay coming on fast), but there's so many other ways for video to be viewed. A DVD may be viewed on a PC screen, or a video file may be played from a memory card via a data projector onto a big screen. Or your HD-ready TV could be showing video that's being downloaded from the internet. So many possibilities and permutations!

Of course not all formats will give the same end results, but we can advise you right at the planning stage to ensure your production is optimised for its chosen audience.

Richard Payne of Holdan Ltd talks about the new Panasonic AG-AF101 four-thirds format HD camcorder
Watch this video full-screen at 1920x1080 HD resolution on YouTube, or at 1280x70 HD on Vimeo HD

Our Quays Reach office location, taken Nov '08 from the corner of Eccles New Rd & South Langworthy Rd, with Media City taking shape in the background

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...you can talk to Martin Kay on 0161 736 5300