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IOV VideoSkills training The video below was encoded 1280x720, so best viewed Full Screen on the Vimeo site, in HD

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Gap at the IOV VideoSkills Music Video Workshop in St Helens  -  Sept 2011

A multi-camera music performance video. "This was shot at an IOV training event where I was one of the cameramen, as well as doing the lighting. I was also presenting the editing session, where we showed the edited video just a few hours after shooting it - hence it's not the most adventurous of productions, given the finished-in-a-day requirement." Jointly produced with the help of IOV members Kevin Cook on camera and Phil Janvier on sound.

Evan Summers - dancer from Manchester

Evan Summers at the Dancehouse in Manchester  -  August 2010

A sample sequence from a video dance showreel. "The facial blurring on a couple of the shots is there because Evan didn't like his expression on those closer shots. His version of the dance video has wider alternatives, but I've included them here to show the variety of shots that I would typically take where circumstances permit. It's my view that the more angles you shoot, the more interesting the edited coverage is to watch."

Jenny Vegas

Duggie Maguire Productions in association with Totally Blinds and Insert Name of Venue here
proudly presents Jenny Vegas!

A video promo for Jenny Vegas (AKA Penny Capper) in her one-woman show, co-written with Steve Haythorne

harpist Verity Weatherburn & flautist Carla Sousa. Nov '07

Recording for Showreels

Special services for:

  • Actors
  • Comedians
  • Dancers
  • Drama groups
  • Entertainers
  • Musicians
  • Performers
  • Vocalists

We can record your performance in front of a live audience, in Manchester or else-where, or as a multi-take film-style shoot, edited for DVD & for upload to the web (YouTube, Google, MySpace, etc, or for your own website).


Promos & Showreels

I offer a full shoot & edit package for producing performance  video showreels for dancers,  comedians, actors,  singers & musicians.

I've spent literally years of my life recording TV drama, so this is an area I feel quite at home with, from a single speech from a solo actor (see samples below), to a full ensemble scene.

For stand-up performers, I appreciate the need for good clear sound from the venue and, if conditions permit, additional lighting if you want to look good.

Music is another speciality. I've recorded everything from punk to classical opera, soloists to orchestras. Call me for a chat about anything you'd like videoed.  

based in Salford Quays, Gtr Manchester, UK

Burton's Last Call - set in our Salford premises, Jan 2009


Live, As-for-Live, or
Multi-Take Shooting

Martin KayThere's various ways to tackle the recording of video for use in showreels, and what will work best largely depends on the type of material and the style of performance.

For example, stand-up comedy is probably going to benefit from being shot live, to include some audience response, but a comedy sketch could work either way, depending on whether it requires a particular setting or props which would be difficult to achieve on stage.

Theatrical drama can be very difficult to shoot live on stage, and being less dependent on audience reaction lends itself more to a film-style multi-take shoot in order to get better camera angles and lighting.
(see sample videos)

Improvised and unscripted performances can be best recorded as-for-live, in a single take, due to the difficulty of maintaining continuity across multiple takes.

A video clip of Agraman (the human anagram) shot at one of his Buzz Comedy nights
at The Waterside Arts Centre, Sale, on 22nd March '08, now on YouTube -  www.buzzcomedy.co.uk

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