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Sound Recording Services

Martin KayI've been recording audio professionally since the early 1970s, mainly for TV (at Granada TV) but also as a hobby, recording music for my friends. As such, I've a very wide range of professional experience of recording all sorts of audio in all sorts of environments.

After 30+ years I still enjoy recording good quality sound (and hate recording bad sound!), no matter how trivial the job may appear, and I will always endeavour to get the best possible recording. Getting good sound is not just about having the best recording equipment, it also requires awareness of the acoustic environment, something I always take into consideration. Whilst I may not always go the same lengths, for The Jewel In The Crown I had a set of 6'x3' acoustic control panels constructed which were carried with us around India to improve the sound in some of the filming locations. 


Indoor / Outdoor

For recording outdoors and on the move, I have a fairly standard "audio for video" PSC/ENG sound recordist kit, with SQN mixer, 416 gun-mic on a panamic boom pole, Rycote gag, plus Audio & Micron radio mic kits. This would be suitable for typical dialogue & effects recording for most types of video.

SQN Mixer in Portabrace shoulder bag

For indoor recording I also have a couple of 6 & 8 channel mixers and a further selection of microphones, cables & stands, well suited for recording speeches, presentations, discussions, and acoustic music.    

Allen & Heath G2 audio mixer

based in Manchester, UK


Voice / Music / Effects

A selection of recording scenarios that I cover (too many to list, really). Many of these can be carried out at our premises as well as on location.

  • Spoken word / voice-over / talking book
  • Interviews / discussions
  • Presenter to camera
  • Stand-up comedy
  • Lectures / speeches
  • Podcasts
  • Drama recording
  • Vocalists / choirs
  • Orchestras / ensembles
  • Solo instruments
  • Folk groups
  • Sound effects acquisition

Audio Editing

All recorded sound can be delivered raw (on CD), or edited & mastered into a final production track, encoded for the web if required. This may also include any existing audio that you already have.

Audio for Video

This recording of George Telfer (playing Richard Burton) stands scrutiny as a radio-style recording, even though it was captured as the soundtrack to a video recording.

It was recorded on a Sennheiser 416 microphone (direct to DVCAM) at our premises in Salford Quays, Manchester.

Beyer DT48 headphones Sennheiser MKH 416 short gun mic Audio 2020 diversity UHF radio mic DV to Broadcast

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...you can talk to Martin Kay on 0161 736 5300